Sharing is Caring

At the chiropractors office today, my back cracker was asking me what I do for work. As I began to explain what I do, and shared with her who I was working with locally, a door opened. Turned out she was trying to get in touch with my client to invite him to a local event. My heart soared when she said, “Well, aren’t you an answer to my prayers!”. 

I LOVED the fact that I was able to help connect her. What’s even more exciting is that she invited me to do a work-trade with her. I need treatment, and she needs social media. How awesome is that?!!

It’s a bit strange, but the community I’m living in right now doesn’t really have a whole lot going on in the digital space. It’s still a really small town. From my perspective, I see an opportunity, and I’m thrilled to see what I can create. Whatever happens, I’m super excited to be working with yet another locally owned business! 

Below is the direct mail piece I created for my current client, Bell’s Laundromat. I’ve had such a blast working with him. His visions of being more than just a laundromat is really inspiring. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help connect him with the community.


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