What I’m learning as I grow my virtual assistant business


As I grow my business, I’m running into a challenge that I know other entrepreneurs run into: how do I grow my business?

What I’m learning right now is this:

How to connect with others online.

Meaning, the importance of going beyond the research: actually picking up the phone and calling people who I could potentially work with!! This has already gotten me a few clients.


The lesson is, NEVER stop learning! Because I’m a bookworm at heart, learning new things is something I’ve always considered to be a strength of mine. I cannot even begin to count the number of times that I have been given a project (when I worked at a corporation), and was given instructions to, “Can you just figure out how to make this happen?”. It’s served me very well over the years. It’s why I’m able to offer the different services that I do for my clients.

How to build my business. 

Oof, this is tricky. And, I know it’s something that many others struggle with too. I realized today after watching a video from Derek Halpern (Social Triggers) that I was still honing in on my audience. So, in honor of the assignment he provided….

Here’s my client wishlist:

Conscious, communicative entrepreneurs who have built companies that enhances other people’s lives. They see the value in getting assistance when they need it, and are willing to pay for that help. 

What I offer to all of my clients, no matter what business they’re in is this:


My clients know that their job will get done, on time, and completed as if they had done the job themselves (or better!). Don’t take my word for it, hop on over to my testimonials section (it’s still growing) and read it for yourself!

As I continue to grow my virtual assistant business, I will share what I’m learning along the way. And if it’s working, I’ll be sharing that too!

To all of us and our success,



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