Hello, You Beautiful Thing!

As I sat down in the coffee shop the other day, I started to think about what I wanted to share with others. What did I want to talk about? Using my social media channels for both work and personal use creates a situation that calls for balance.

Then, I began to write. What things in my personal life did I talk about a lot? Food, environment, art, awesome design, inspirational music, lyrics, stories, art, etc, and of course words. I love intellectually stimulating conversations. I love the etymology of words, quotes, and anything that requires verbiage turn the hamster wheels in my head.

I decided to start sharing on these topics on my twitter feed. And? Well, I already made some posts to my account and within 24 hours I’ve been retweeted and gained 3 new followers.

Not bad for deciding what I wanted to talk about and then doing it. I want my story to come through the content I share. Because if you look past what I’m sharing, you will see that it echoes who I am as a person. I’m not interested in trying to be someone I’m not. 

Because being me is the only way to be.

I look forward to sharing some of the beautiful musings I come across. And I hope that somewhere along the line I can brighten someone’s day, make someone question a perception they hold onto tightly, and most importantly, bring awareness to the very real challenges that we, as a human race, are currently facing.

I shared this on my twitter feed, but due to the brevity of characters what I really wanted to say was, this song is one of the ways I start my day. And the words to this song uplift my heart, and steer my thoughts towards the ones that will empower me. 

I hope it will do the same for you!